Makery Coworking Wins "Business Supports the Arts" Award

The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut recently honored Makery Coworking with its Business Supports the Arts Award for 2018.

The award ceremony took place on October 11 at the Amber Room Colonnade in Danbury and was attended by over 200 attendees. Makery Coworking Founder, Tony Vengrove, accepted the award and gave a short speech.

Highlights from his speech include:

"I am honored and humbled to be standing here this morning accepting this wonderful award. Thank you Lisa Scails, the Board of Directors and staff of the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut (CAWCT) for recognizing Makery Coworking with the Business Supports the Arts Award...

...At the heart of artistic endeavors is the miracle of creation: creativity. It's the common element that links the art world to the entrepreneurial world. We all need creativity to fuel innovation and the next big idea. Having art on display and an engaged artistic community inspires more than just creativity. Art invites curiosity, which begets creativity. Art evokes feelings. Art lifts spirits. Art attracts and engages communities...

...Art is an engine of inspiration. And that's why I want it around the space as much as possible...

...I believe the arts economy in our region is poised for growth. To realize this, we need to come together as a community--a regional community. We're a small state, a small region on the western side--we'll clearly be more successful if we communicate more, share our ideas more, collaborate and support each other more...

...That's why I am a fan of CAWCT. They share a similar vision and work hard to develop stronger communities in and around the arts. It's why I am proud to be a Board Member of ASAP! in Washington Depot, which works tirelessly to foster creative hands-on learning through the arts so that creativity isn't squashed out of our children by traditional education and culture. This is why maker spaces, hacker spaces, coworking spaces, art studios, recording studios, MeetUp groups, networking groups, happy hours are all so important. The arts community needs infrastructure to support all of its work...

...This represents a lot of jobs, a lot of economic activity. The arts are not just "the arts." The arts is business--big business. We should not just donate to the arts, we should invest in the arts. It is time we reframe the conversation, change our vocabulary to ensure we unleash the maximum potential of the arts in our communities...

...Makery Coworking has been such a rewarding experience for me. But, the real hero in this story is not me--it's our members. The group of entrepreneurs, work-from-home professionals, freelancers and consultants that call our space home are the ones that make it all work. They are joined by the businesses that travel from as far away as NYC and Boston to hold offsite meetings in our conference room, or the many folks in the community that rent the space out for events or parties. All of these folks are my heroes. They are the ones that use the space to create and take shots on their artistic and entrepreneurial dreams...

...I can't wait to see what they all accomplish. Hopefully a few of them will be future Business Supports the Arts award winners! Thank you."

To learn more about the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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