Makery Coworking to be Honored at CERC CELEBRATE CT! Event

The Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. (CERC) has named top economic development projects, programs and leaders from throughout the state to be honored at the annual CELEBRATE CT! event on Wednesday evening, December 5, 2018 at Infinity Hall in Hartford.

Makery Coworking is one of the 18 honorees selected by economic development officials in each of 9 regions across Connecticut for their contribution to the state’s economy – such as consistent or growing employment levels, playing a critical role in changing the character of its community or civic engagement, strong public/private collaboration to encourage new investment, or leadership resulting in growth or improvements.

“These awards acknowledge key people, programs and projects that are stimulating new jobs and investment in our economy,” said CERC President & CEO Robert Santy. “They are well earned and well‐deserved, and CERC is proud to recognize the 2018 honorees and their noteworthy accomplishments that are having a positive impact on Connecticut’s business environment.”

This is the 9th year the event is being hosted by CERC, a nonprofit corporation and public‐private partnership that drives economic development in Connecticut by providing research‐based data, planning and implementation strategies to foster business formation, recruitment and growth. The event also will celebrate CERC’s 25th anniversary.

To register or sponsor the event, visit

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