My Internship at Makery Coworking

I remember the first time I arrived for my internship at Makery Coworking. Tony Vengrove was excited to see me and ready to give me a list of tasks--and I was ready to complete any job that I was given. I was eager to impress Tony with all the knowledge that I had learned in my high school Marketing class. I had no idea how unprepared I was going to be.

I started this internship because I wanted to learn more about the field of marketing through a real world experience in an actual business. That is exactly what happened. I learned many skills about marketing through the work that I did with Mr. Vengrove.

Since the start of my internship I learned how to effectively write and edit blog posts, the basics of photoshop and poster creating, how the business of coworking works, the positive effects coworking has on employees, and the basics of how a business works. Those are just a few of the things that I learned during my time at Makery Coworking.

The experience was complementary: things I learned in my Marketing class I was able to apply and use during my internship and I was able to take things I learned at Makery Coworking and use them in my Marketing class. This almost symbiotic relationship helped me excel at both my internship and my class in school. It was exciting for me when we would begin to learn something in class that was similar to something that I had done at Makery Coworking.

One of my hardest challenges during my internship was researching and starting my side project, TED-Talk Tuesday. This was one of the more difficult things I had to attempt to complete as Mr. Vengrove empowered me to develop the concept as I saw fit. I had to figure out the direction that I wanted to take. I am very glad with how it turned out.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to partake in this internship and am glad that I did. I learned so much through this internship and I am thankful to everyone who gave me advice throughout this internship. I look forward to what will come next.

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