TED Talk Tuesday: How I Became an Entrepreneur at 66

Welcome back to TED-Talk Tuesday. The goal of these Tuesday posts are to showcase different talks that relate to business and entrepreneurism. We hope you gain information on how to lead and grow in an ever changing business climate.

At age 64 Paul Tasner was fired from his job at a consumer productions company in San Francisco, California. After a successful 40-year engineering career working for companies both large and small, Mr. Tasner believed he would find a new job in no time at all.

As he began to look into what he would do next an idea started to root in his head. He wanted to start his own business. His idea would aid in designing and manufacturing biodegradable packaging from waste -- paper, agricultural, even textile waste -- replacing the toxic, disposable plastic packaging that has become so popular today. So, at age 66, he became an entrepreneur.

It took him a while to raise the funds needed to launch. Living in San Francisco he had to compete with younger competition with big dreams and aspirations. After 5 years and a difficult start up time, Tasner along with his partner, has a successful business that now doubles its revenue each year.

Tasner references a news article about the success of entrepreneurs comparative to their ages. According to the UK-based group CMI the percent success rates of entrepreneurs ages 70 and over is around 70% while for ages 30 and under the success rate is only 28%.

The goal of Tasner's talk is to prove the point that it is never too late to create something that you are passionate about. If you have the drive and want to be an entrepreneur you don't have to be a 30-year-old app developer to take a shot on goal!

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