TED-Talk Tuesday: Cycling Without Age

Welcome back to TED-Talk Tuesday. The goal of these Tuesday posts is to showcase different talks that relate to business and entrepreneurism. We hope you gain information on how to lead and grow in an ever changing business climate.

This week we present a talk given by Ole Kassow at TEDxCopenhagenSalon. Kassow spoke about his charitable organization that he started in Copenhagen, Denmark called Cycling Without Age. This organization helps elderly people in residence homes enjoy the feeling of cycling without having to exert the physical energy needed to operate a bike.

Kassow inspiration came from with a simple act of kindness. One day he rented a trishaw, which is a bike operated by one person, but holds two passengers. He went to a nursing home in his neighborhood and invited the residents to come on a ride with him. The first passenger he invited that day was Gertrude, who was no longer able to travel and see all the sights in Copenhagen.

Kassow continued his rides for a few days with different residents who all tremendously enjoyed the rides. Then, after a few letters sent to the government in Copenhagen, Kassow was contacted by a woman in the Copenhagen government asking if he would like five trishaws to take more residents around.

From there the idea turned into charity work and charity work turned into a business. Ole is now the founder of Cycling Without Age which helps elderly people experience the joys of riding a bike once again--and more important, reconnecting to their community and beautiful surroundings. The organization has since expanded beyond Denmark to several countries. It all began from one simple question, "How can we get these people back on the bicycles?"

To learn more about Cycling Without Age click HERE.

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