TED-Talk Tuesday: The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure

Welcome back to TED-Talk Tuesday! The goal of these Tuesday posts is to showcase different talks that relate to business and entrepreneurism. We hope you gain information on how to lead and grow in an ever changing business climate.

In this week's TED Talk, we feature Astro Teller who is a manager at X. This division of Google attempts to create large-scale projects that may one day benefit all of humanity. Their projects range from automated vertical farming, which would help in aiding malnourished people, to large cargo ships that are designed to carry the same amount of cargo but in a smaller footprint.

Teller talks about how the culture at X focuses on failure. They look for and assess areas of projects that might be the likely sources of failure. They do this so they can determine if projects really have a chance to get off the ground. X developers take time in making sure that they test the more likely-to-fail aspects before the testing the more likely-to-succeed aspects.

This might seem like a counter intuitive way to manage a project, but it has been quite helpful to employees at X. If a project is able to survive a difficult trial, then it has more of a chance of being a successful venture once launched. Although, there is always the chance that the products will fail, which means project managers will have a new set of problems to innovate around.

An interesting X project that is making some headway is their worldwide internet connection, which is transmitted by balloons, high up in the stratosphere. Of course, I don't want to spoil the entirety of the TED Talk, so if you are interested in learning more about the balloons you'll have to take a look for yourself!

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