TED-Talk Tuesday: 100 Days of Rejection

Welcome to our first ever TED Talk Tuesday! The goal of Ted Talk Tuesday is to showcase different talks that relate to business and entrepreneurism. We hope you will gain information on how to lead and grow in an ever changing business climate.

This week we feature a talk given by Jia Jiang at TEDxMtHood.

When he was young, Jiang had a dream to become an entrepreneur and build a company so successful that he could buy Microsoft, the company of his idol, Bill Gates. When Jiang tried to get his company off the ground he had to deal with constant rejection. This discouraged Jiang and he even considered giving up on his dream.

He decided to conduct an experiment where over 100 days he would try and get rejected in as many ways possible. This would, in turn, normalize rejection and eventually desensitize the feelings associated with it. Jiang tried many different methods of rejection including asking a complete stranger for $100 or going up to a stranger's house and asking if he could plant a flower in their back yard.

Through his experiment he found that asking why you are being rejected is more beneficial than not being rejected at all. Jiang found that people don't always reject you for personal or obscure reasons, but because there is something else preventing them from saying "yes." By knowing what those reasons are you will become more prepared to deal with rejection and ultimately become more successful.

His words and his ideas are very inspiring and even though he's not suggesting the viewer go out and conduct the same experiment, he stresses that you should never give up on your dreams no matter how bad rejection feels along the way.

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