My Internship at Makery Coworking

It was a long time ago, but I distinctly remember leaving 20 Bank Street last fall when I first introduced myself to Tony Vengrove: Founder of Makery Coworking and my soon-to-be mentor.

I was excited, I was nervous, but more importantly, I was destined to figure out the coworking routine, and what it takes to operate a business in the town I've grown up in.

My answer, you may ask? A lot of work. But that didn't intimidate me, nor Tony might I add. Working beside a creative like him did done nothing but reaffirm such judgment.

While my interests in the fields of marketing communication, graphic design, and photography were evident to the business teachers at my school, I landed this fitting opportunity through both my teacher recommendations and my proven desire to get involved.

Since starting my work at Makery, I completed a variety of projects, from designing display cases focusing on local startup businesses in Litchfield County, to photographing events, and creating site-based blogposts (similar to what you're ready now)! Not only have these projects helped me to further solidify my interest in the business/arts field, but allowed for my own improvement in necessary applications like web-design and Photoshop.

It may not be typical for a student to intern in their high school years, let alone college, but why not take the chance while its presented? Makery Coworking is a business built off of connections, business relationships, and entrepreneurial successes, and I'm not sure I could have started off my intern experience at a better place.

Thank you to all who have helped to foster my creative endeavors, and I wish you all the best of luck in yours.

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