Scenes from Rural Litchfield County

We are excited to share the alluring work of photographer and poet, Ray Kwiatkowski. Ray's work is currently on display throughout Makery Coworking, with some of his images paired with selected prose from his written work.

Ray became fascinated by the Litchfield County countryside after college when he took a job delivering newspapers. He discovered the beauty of the bucolic terrain during those early-morning hours and began taking black and white images throughout his route. Soon, photography became a lifelong passion.

Later, as a freelance writer, his photos often appeared with the articles he wrote. In 2013, he published Rural Wealth, a book of his verses and photographs.

"...and the young ladies of tomorrow all stand before Nature's throne slaves to the power of curiosity yet free to form identities of their own." - Ray Kwiatkowski

Twenty two of Ray's photographs are on display on both floors at Makery Coworking. They are available for sale; contact us for pricing information. We invite the public to stop by during normal business hours, when you can enjoy them in person.

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