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"Innovate or Die" has been a common rallying cry among business leaders--so much so, it's almost become cliché. With technology continuing to reshape and disrupt business and industries, learning to create a culture of innovation is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have for businesses of ALL sizes.

In "Leading Innovation," Paul Butler and Tony Vengrove will share practical tips anyone can use immediately to change how you think, act, and lead so you can build a culture that enables more creative thinking, which is fuel for innovation. Whether you work in the F500 or run a Main Street USA retail business, learning to embrace innovation and make ideas happen are essential success factors for keeping your business/brand relevant to your consumers.

Paul Butler will lead a session called, "Innovators Think to Win." Paul knows that successful people have the power to think differently--they are unleashing that power in a way others do not. How so? Successful people have a fast, sure-fire way of assessing, questioning, and determining what is most important. These skills are essential to doing the hard work of innovation.

Tony Vengrove's session is titled, "Innovators Lead to Win." Most business leaders have been trained with strong analytical skills to manage complex business systems. However, when it comes to innovation, those skills can often interfere with the messy creative process innovation needs. Tony will share his Idea Climate Equation® as a framework for discussing the softer leadership traits required to create a culture that is idea friendly.

The event is FREE, but we ask that you register on Eventbrite.


Paul works with senior executives in organizations to increase capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations. With over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors, he is well positioned to support organizations going through large scale change efforts. Paul’s facilitation methodology is proven to produce sustainable results with executive teams and boards. He uses his broad management experience in sales, marketing, operations, and organizational development to help organizations achieve leadership and functional excellence.

Paul is President of Global Edg and co-author of Think to Win.


Tony is a marketing and innovation veteran with over 20 years experience revolutionizing industries. His firm, Miles Finch Innovation helps companies shatter cultural barriers that interfere with corporate innovation and creativity. He brings a general-management perspective to the table having worked in global NYC ad agencies and Fortune 500 marketing, innovation, and R&D organizations. Having first-hand knowledge of what it takes to lead innovation change in corporate environments, he posses a pragmatic yet fresh perspective that is valued by his clients.

Tony is also founder of Makery Coworking, co-author of Energize Your Leadership, and writes a regular column for Edible Nutmeg.

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