Best of Makery Coworking Writing--July 2017

We are excited to kick off another new blog series at Makery Coworking. Our Best of Member Writing series highlights the best written work created by our members during the past month.

We hope to inspire our local community and beyond with the collective knowledge and wisdom of our talented members. If you like something you read, please support that author by sharing with your social network. Also consider leaving a comment where they are allowed.

Here are July 2017's submissions:

What the Hell Does, "I Have to Go to Work" Mean? by Paul Butler, President at GlobalEdg.

Are we resigning ourselves to serve as a laborer when we utter the common phrase, "I have to go to work?" In this post, Paul offers several insights that will help shift your mental attitude about work so you become more of a "meaning maker" and less of a worker dreading another day of monotony.

Follow Paul on LinkedIn, Twitter, or visit his Website.

How to Avoid Feeling Spammy When Following Up, by Crystal Girgenti, Founder of G-Force Coaching.

Feeling self conscious during the sales process is something we all have felt during our careers. To avoid feeling pushy or "spammy," Crystal offers some simple and easy-to-apply advice to help you be of service to current and future clients.

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Edible Nutmeg Letter from Publisher, by Dana Jackson, Editor & Publisher, Edible Nutmeg

As Editor and Publisher of Edible Nutmeg, Dana enjoys the opportunity to challenge his reader's assumptions in each of his quarterly Letters from Publisher. His latest essay provides a brief history of the chicken as a staple in agricultural society and asks us to consider if we have been as kind to this important creature as it has been to us.

Follow Dana on Twitter, Facebook, or visit the Edible Nutmeg's Website

Also check out Edible's current Food Entrepreneurs column, penned by our own Tony Vengrove.

Job 'Training', by Sam Portelance, Intern at CareerPath Mobile

Sam analyzes the recent workplace trend of "gym interviews." Yes, you read that correctly. Employers who value the benefits of exercise are inviting prospects into the gym or out for a walk "to test their metal." It's an interesting concept but certainly has pros and cons attached to it. Read Sam's post and decide for yourself about the utility of gym interviews.

Follow CareerPath Mobile on Twitter, Facebook, or visit their Website.

Influencing from Below, by Tony Vengrove, Founder of Miles Finch Innovation and Makery Coworking.

Junior employees bring a lot of enthusiasm and ideas to the table, but often run into a brick wall when it comes time to sell ideas that challenge the status quo. In this post, Tony shares several tips anyone can use to influence change, even when you're not sitting in the corner office.

Follow Tony on Twitter, LinkedIn, or visit his Website.

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