Meet Paul Steinmetz

Where do you work?

Many people know me in my role as spokesperson for Western Connecticut State University, where I handle public relations and community affairs. Separately, I founded Writing Associates to offer communication expertise to businesses and non-profits. I write blogs, web copy and press releases, and place the releases with media.

What's your role?

I help people communicate in writing. Most business people don’t have the time or the confidence to create their own concise, accurate communications. My role is to convey information about your business, goals and outcomes to customers and potential customers.

How do you serve your customers?

I schedule time to talk and discuss what you want to convey to the world and then I write a draft for your edits. We go over the document together until it’s perfect and I assist in posting it or getting it to the right people.

What's the best business decision you've ever made?

To have confidence in my experience and abilities and then begin networking to make connections with potential clients.

What's the mistake you learned the most from?

Going too fast. I have learned there is always time to read copy three times.

What is the biggest challenge/opportunity you see in the next 3-5 years?

I have met an enormous number of people who are optimistic about Connecticut’s future. Most of them run small businesses and they see plenty of opportunity here. I think we will see this energy converted to new products and higher employment over the next few years.

Tell us about a movie or book that inspired you the most and why.

I read all the presidential biographies I can find. I am interested in how people in that job face seemingly intractable problems and how they manage to summon the fortitude and courage to tackle them, or not.

What do you love about Connecticut?

The people I know revel in the beauty and resources of Connecticut. Generally as a state we are a little too hard on ourselves, but in conversations one-on-one or in small groups, I find an underlying optimism that I believe will carry us successfully forward.

You can reach Paul at to talk more about your communication needs.

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