Igniting Compassion

Makery Coworking was honored to host Dr. Christopher L. Kukk on Friday, May 19th for an uplifting conversation about his new book, The Compassionate Achiever.

Dr. Kukk, is a professor of political science and social science at Western Connecticut State University, founding director of the Center for Compassion, Creativity and Innovation, as well as faculty advisory for the University and City of Compassion initiatives.

The Compassionate Achiever offers science-based evidence for how compassion can transform lives, relationships, and drive creativity and innovation. This inspired spirited dialogue between Dr. Kukk and the audience with particular attention paid to the difference between compassion and empathy--a distinction that is often confused.

I found Dr. Kukk's LUCA model to be easy to remember and simple to implement. Moreover, it's a model worthy of utilizing for business and innovation.

Listening to identify the problem

Understanding to discover available options

Connecting to capabilities that can address the issues

Acting to solve.

One of the key reminders I walked away with, was the importance of spending the proper amount of time listening--truly listening. In today's frenetic world, we often do not listen. Instead, while someone else speaks, our mind is silently preparing the next thing we want to say.

I also believe the pace at which society obtains information has increased so significantly, we do not take the proper time to fully consider all facts before forming opinions. It seems we are more inclined to value, or be influenced by, opinion versus fact. Is it any wonder why so many feel it is time to inspire more compassion?

Big hugs to Dr. Kukk for inspiring our community. We hope there is another opportunity to bring him back to Makery Coworking!

The Compassionate Achiever is available here in New Milford at the Bank Street Book Nook or wherever fine books are sold.

To learn more about Dr. Kukk's work, please visit his website.

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