Unlocking Litchfield Joins Makery Coworking

When Unlocking Litchfield's Bev and Lora arrived at Makery Coworking, the fun meter hit 11. They spent a better part of a day hanging out with us, which included taking a tour, filming a video, meeting our members, and most important, getting a bunch of work done.

Check out their great post and pictures HERE and be sure to watch the fun video above!

We're big fans of what Unlocking Litchfield does to promote everything Litchfield County. We're especially pleased to hear that Bev and Lora plan to work out of Makery Coworking from time to time.

Interested in joining our community? Visit our Membership Page at www.makerycoworking.com!

#UnlockingLitchfield #litchfieldcounty #nmil #ct #coworking

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