Makery Coworking Supports "1 Million For Work Flexibility"

Makery Coworking is proud to announce our support for 1 Million For Work Flexibility, a nonprofit organization driven to promote work flexibility.

The term work flexibility describes the various options employees have to decide when, where, and how to get their work done. As the world of work continues to evolve, many organizations and employees continue to see more flexible options that provide opportunities for creative stimulation, worklife balance, or simply a better commuting schedule that avoids rush-hour traffic.

1 Million for Work Flexibility pursues several goals, which include:

  • Inspire – Inspire 1 million people to join us in creating a voice that can be really heard.

  • Educate – Share important information on news and trends related with work flexibility through newsletters, webinars, our blog, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Lead – Highlight real-life ways to help people achieve more work flexibility in their lives.

  • Mobilize – Make it easier to get involved in local and national events, legislation, petitions, and other efforts supporting the advancement of flexible work options.

  • Support – Work with leading experts and organizations in both the public and private sectors to help move forward complementary initiatives.

The mission of Makery Coworking aligns with these goals. The coworking community we're building is meant to foster flexibility and provide a workplace option that is comfortable, inspiring, and productive. Our membership plans include free wifi & coffee, access to our office printer & scanner, four private phone rooms, use of the conference room and kitchenette, and more.

We have everything you need to be productive and get work done!

We encourage you to visit the 1 Million for WorkFlexibility website. It contains a treasure trove of information about work flexibility, including resources to help you prepare for communicating with your company and manager about working outside the office.

Be sure to support this great organization by spreading and sharing their work on social media, using #1MFWF.

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