UPDATE: January 2017

Hi folks! It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update on progress. Here goes...

We’re almost ready to open the doors, but are a little behind our original January 9th target date. We have a few more items that need to be completed that involve cutting wood and banging nails. I didn’t want to bring people in when the noise level could be distracting. We will now open on February 6th.

Since our last update, we’ve installed our technology systems, built the kitchenette, installed a robust coffee system (thanks to my good friends at Crystal Rock), received most of the furniture, set up the conference room with a 50" monitor and an 8' x 4' whiteboard, and have connected with dozens of people who expressed interest in joining!

It’s getting exciting.

We have a few remaining items on our hit list this week including the installation of our office printer/scanner, having The Sliding Barn Door Co install some beautiful barn doors for the conference room, and having Source Construction finish up work on the kitchen and private phone rooms.

After this week, the space will be completed enough to bring in a first wave of coworkers. I’m targeting about 10-12 people so that I can test everything out without overloading the space and systems. We’ll invite those who applied and/or contacted me in the order in which they were received and will prioritize those who expressed interest in full-time and part-time membership.

Once we have 1-2 weeks under our belt, we will accept more members to begin working.

We are also ready to release the operating system that will manage Makery Coworking memberships. This will be the system to use when formally signing up, providing payment, booking conference rooms, and managing your relationship with us. We hope to post that link by the end of this week and it will be easily accessible on www.makerycoworking.com.

Those who have stopped by to see the space in person have shared positive feedback. There’s certainly a buzz about town regarding the venture and I’m grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and support. If you are downtown and see the lights on, feel free to stop in and say hello.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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