Support Green Spot's Holiday Pop-Up Store!

On this Small Business Saturday, we invite you to come check out the beautiful holiday pop-up store created by The Green Spot. They did an amazing job designing the space and there is a huge selection of gifts at various price points to choose from.

It's just one great local retail store to support today, so come on down to the New Milford Green!

Green Spot's pop-up will run at Makery Coworking (20 Bank Street, New Milford) from now until Christmas Eve.

From a startup business perspective, I am a huge fan of pop-ups. They offer a fairly low-risk, low-capital way to test and determine proof-of-concept for early business ideas. They also offer established businesses the chance to expand their footprint and test new creative concepts to learn how they might be scaled. In many instances, the pop-up allows a brand to create a highly memorable brand experience that cannot be achieved at other points of distribution due to constraints.

The size of the pop-up retail sector is hard to peg. Depending on where you look, it ranges from $10 billion to $50 billion. Even at $50B, it's still a small slice of the total retail industry, but it continues to grow.

Intrigued? Check out the following links for some great examples of recent pop-ups:

Business Insider: 18 Amazing Pop-Up Stores that Stopped Shoppers in their Tracks

Hubspot: 15 Creative Examples of Branded Pop-Up Shops.

Hypebeast: Rounding up the Best Pop-Up Concepts from 'Summer Sixteen'

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