The most important aspect of any coworking space is the community that forms around it. We have a growing membership of diverse people with complementary skill sets. In just a short time, Makery Coworking Members have collaborated in numerous ways. Some have hired each other for projects. Others have formed project teams to create new business opportunities. Being a Makery Coworking member isn't just about having a place to work, it's about joining a business community that cares about your success and growth. Join us!

Chief Morale Officer,

Makery Coworking

    Crystal Girgenti
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    Jorie Buck

    Application Engineer, 

    Crane Engineering Sales

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    Lisa (Hayes) Clark
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    Our Friends membership plan is designed for those in the community that support our mission, but do not necessarily need to use our space on an ongoing basis. The $300 annual fee provides a limited amount of coworking/conference room time, plus free tickets to some events. Learn more here.

    Thank You to Current Makery Friends:
    Chuck & Anne Besterman
    Merle & Barry Ginsberg
    Kathy Kehoe
    New Milford Economic Development Commission
    Sebastian & Jenny Pagni
    Dan Sherr
    Stephen Vengrove
    Nelson Merchan, Small Business Development Center