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We're currently closed as we look for a new location.

"Unfortunately, COVID-19 put significant financial pressures on our business and we are able to sustain a profitable enterprise in our current location. As of January 1, 2021 we will be closed on hiatus until we find a new location. Please check back for news and updates. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page in order to receive updates. Thank you for supporting Makery Coworking the past four years. We look forward to Makery v2.0!"  ~ Tony Vengrove

~ Tony Vengrove, Founder

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If you're new to the concept of coworking, here are some common questions people ask.

New Milford is a great place to work...and live!

What exactly is coworking?

The concept of coworking is a little over ten years old and means different things to different people. Generally, coworking is about inviting a community of freelancers, solopreneurs, and startups to work together rather than in isolation. Coworking spaces are fairly casual and are built for creative inspiration, networking and collaboration. Working side-by-side with peers also increases personal motivation and accountability--required traits if you work on your own. Makery Coworking has plenty of open space for individuals to work, a large conference room, private phone rooms, access to private office rentals, a kitchenette, and curated programming to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

What is it like to work in a coworking space?

It's cozy, social, and energetic. We're trying to foster a culture that feels more like a hip startup than a rigid, corporate office filled with cubicles. Our main floor is filled with tables and sofas available on a first come, first served basis. Like a coffee shop, coworking spaces have ambient noise, so if you're looking for a completely silent office space, coworking may not be the best choice. While we invite networking and collaboration, our general rule is, if you have earbuds in, you don't want to be interrupted.

What does a membership entitle me to?

We offer several levels of membership catered to your work needs. Check out our Membership page for more details. Our base plans allow use of the coworking space, 100 mbps internet connection, printing & office supplies, coffee/tea/snacks, access to our advisory council, and discounts on Makery Coworking events. We're also curating several discounts with downtown retailers and other coworking spaces in our region.

What kind of contractual commitment is required?

Our coworking memberships are month-to-month and bill on the first. You can adjust your membership level month to month based on your needs. Private office memberships require a one-year commitment. Yes, we ask you to sign a membership contract but it's more to gain your commitment to the cultural values of Makery Coworking to ensure everyone plays nicely in the sandbox.

What are the hours?

Our building hours will be 8:30am - 6pm, Mon - Thurs; 8:30am - 5:00pm, Fri, closed Sat-Sun. We will explore expanded hours and access to the building during off hours for full-time members once the business is up and running for a few months.

How can I join?

It's easy to become a member of our community. Simply visit our Membership page and review the plans we offer. Click on Apply to Join to sign up for the plan that best meets your needs. If you need any help or have questions please contact us.

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